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This album is named for one of our latest songs called “Borne.” It has special meaning for us since it was inspired by the birth of our first grandchild—a beautiful little girl named Rosie June. At the same time, it takes us back to when her sweet mother, Iris Lee was born. We celebrate everything it takes to create such a miracle. All songs included cover a wide range of situations and emotions we’ve experienced over the past several years, much like those of everyone’s life. Those roller-coaster feelings and moods are very much like the myriad challenges of trying to bring a new life into this world. Every moment of every day, something is both born and borne. Nothing happens in this earthly existence without great effort accompanied by great joy—two sides of the same coin.


released August 10, 2013

Cheryl Martlage - Lyrics, vocals and production
Emerson Martlage - Music, guitar, vocals and production


all rights reserved



Cheryl and Emerson Martlage San Diego, California

At the age of 48, and after 25 years of marriage, we headed to a secluded town for 6 weeks, to create a new relationship and begin again.

When we arrived as if by magic, we co-wrote our first song ever— "Never Sleep," evoking the mystery and magic of the new adventure. Twenty years later, we're still making music. Join us on our musical storytelling as the adventure continues to unfold
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Track Name: Borne
On every tear that I cried
On every fear
With each time I tried
When I felt all hope was gone
Then something inside said,
“There’s a dream to be born.
So you must press on.”

With every breath that I draw
On each passing thought
No matter how small
Faith and courage wearing thin
From somewhere deep inside I heard,
“There’s a dream to be born.
You must try again.”

Other lives seemed easy
How I envied their carefree ways
Yet my dreams persisted
Remained bold, insisted that
There was no choice to stray

Still my dreams demanded
Loyalty unwavering
Determined to stay

From every time that I fell
Shook off the grit
Then righted myself
Even when things seemed to go wrong
I thought once again, that
My dream is at stake
So I will be strong

Who I am and will be
As yearnings take form
There’s a dream to be born
Track Name: Isabella
Cappuccino, elbow on the bar
“Ciao Riccardo!” as the morning starts
All the usual suspects are there
Chatting, laughing
Delighted to see Isabelle
Smiling, patting

“Arrivederci!” on to the Utilità
Roberta grins when we ask her, “Come va?”
There’s a message written across
Our special order
“Per Piccolina,”

She makes everybody smile, just like a child
When they look into her eyes, she seems wise
She can soothe a troubled face, clear a fog
Even though she’s just a little dog

Her sweet nature just draws everybody in
Closer, sharing secrets—it seems she has a hint
Though she never says a word
On their faces, it appears as if they heard
Everything they hoped to hear and more

“Piccolina!” as they rub her ear
Day made brighter, just by drawing near
Changed with everyone that they meet
Chatting, laughing
Turning squarely toward Isabelle
Waving, pointing

She makes everybody smile, just like a child
When they look into her eyes, she seems wise
She can soothe a troubled face, clear a fog
Even though she’s just a little dog
Track Name: Strings Attached
You said I should wait for you
You had some things you just had to do
Waited a day or two
Those turned into quite a few
Wondered if what you said was true

Put all my plans on hold
Bided my time, watching yours unfold
Counted days as they rolled
Numbers higher, tallied and tolled
Noting all those days you stole

Maybe I gave them to you, after all, willingly
Though I counted on you, there were strings ~ unbeknownst
Veiled, hidden from you and from me: lines not to cross, all along
Now I'm filled with remorse, pardon me, if you will
Let's start again

I'll wait as long as it takes
Accepting what is, for both our sakes
Keep every promise I make
Watchful, wide awake
Knowing full-well just what's at stake
Track Name: Taken In
Haven’t you heard it said that
Home is where the heart is
Doesn’t it make you wonder
Where all the broken hearts live

Sometimes to get ahead, make a way
Something or someone gets left behind
Whether forgotten or set aside
Being abandoned is never kind—never kind

Hoping for someone who might take you in
Make you feel cared for, wanted once again
Now, that would be home—you’d be home

Right before that moment
When someone happened along just to find you
Scratching, crying, clawing to free yourself from harm
Suddenly swept up, taken in taken in

Suddenly swept up, taken in

Is home a place or a feeling
In a poem, it was written
“when you have to go there
they have to take you in.”

Left behind, by the roadside
The best you can hope for
When you have nothing, nowhere
Then they will have to take you in
Take you in
Take me in